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As a leading hair extensions specialist salon, Kiki Hair Melbourne provides our clients with only the best premium remy hair extensions. 

Our remy hair extensions are all custom made with premium AAA+ grade ethically traded hair. We ensure each hair extensions method we provide goes through careful quality control to ensure all premium hair extensions meet with our quality criteria.

Our hair extensions are also quad wefted and double drawn to ensure perfect seamless blends suitable for all hair types. This also ensures thickness from root to tip giving our hair extensions beautiful and natural volume mimicing natural hair.


Tape Hair Extensions

Our tape hair extensions are one of our most popular methods of hair extensions available in our salon. Suitable for all hair types, our tape hair extensions are made from premium remy hair and strong and gentle blue tape that sits flat to the scalp without any bulking ensuring a seamless and natural look. Tape hair extensions are perfect for women with thin hair for this exact reason.

Tape hair extensions are perfect as they provide a full and voluminous look with less hair pieces needed and are extreamely discreet with them laying so flat to the scalp.

Our tape hair extensions are also perfect for clients wanting less maintenance as tapes can be applied quickly and require maintenance only every 4-6 weeks depending on how well they are looked after. 

Our team of qualified stylists can  assess your hair texture, colour, thickness, and density to ensure tape hair extensions are right for you. 

Weft Hair Extensions

Weft hair extensions are perfect for clients wanting lush length and volume with fine and lifeless hair.

Weft hair extensions are applied by weaving, beading, braiding or sewing the hair extensions gently into your natural hair, because of this they are regarded as the safest hair extensions method for your hair as they do not require tapes or clips.

At Kiki Hair Melbourne we understand that some hair extensions aren't suitable for all hair types that's why we provide our wefts in two different methods. Beaded weft and flat track weft hair extensions.

Beaded weft hair extensions offer the durability of Itip hair extensions and the volume of a sew-in weave. This allows for a quicker application without the need to use heat, tape or glue to your hair.

Flat track weft hair extensions are applied to the hair with silicone lined micro beads used to then sew rows of hair through the beads into your natural hair. The beads are applied to support the weight of the hair extensions.

Micro Bead Hair Extensions

Micro bead hair extensions are a more popular method for clients wanting the most natural blend. Micro bead hair extensions are so seamless as the hair is gently attached to very small, discreet silicone beads.

Because the micro beads are so tiny, they are virtually undetectable hence there popularity for natural length and volume. This also means this method allows for easy styling including high ponytails as the beads blend into natural hair without showing. 

Our Micro Bead hair extensions are also perfect for clients wanting little maintenance and fewer trips to the salon; as this method, when properly cared for can last up to 3 months.

Because the beads are attatched to small sections of the natural hair this method can be time consuming to offer the most natural method however, it is also one of the most gentle methods as it does not add any extra tension to the hair cuticle.

Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion hair extensions are one of the first hair extensions methods offered on the market. 

Our fusion hair extensions are made from 100% remy hair and come with a square shaped keratin tip bond with hair strands individually attached. Each weft is then gently applied to natural hair by heating the bond to then gently mould around each hair piece. 

Similar to micro bead hair extensions our fusion hair extensions when properly cared for can last anywhere from 3-6 months.


Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions can be a great alternative to permanent hair extensions if you are still wanting the same extra length and added volume without additional maintenance.

Our clip in hair extensions are offered in two lengths: 20 and 26 inches. We also provide our clients with the choice for a more natural blend with our classic 120 grams or voluminous 220 gram options.

Clip in hair extensions only take a few minutes to apply to natural hair. Our clip in hair extensions are quad wefted and come with secure and durable clips that don't tug or pull on natural hair. 

Halo Hair Extensions

Halo hair extensions are perfect for clients wanting the least amount of hassle when applying hair extensions at home. 

Our halo hair extensions are quad wefted and double drawn to ensure ultimate volume and a seamless blend.

Halo hair extensions are applied with just one large weft of remy hair and an undetectable wire that fits gently on the crown. Our halo hair extensions are provided with 2-3 different wire sizes to ensure each clients halo fits to their unique head shape.

Ponytail Hair Extensions

Our ponytail hair extensions are one of our most popular temporary hair extensions methods we provide.

Ponytail hair extensions are easy to apply and provide a seamless blend when applied into natural hair.

Our ponytail hair extensions are double drawn and quad wefted to ensure the most natural looking and thick ponytail once applied.

Each ponytail comes with a secure comb which slips into the natural ponytail and is secured with a wrap around piece of hair. 

As our ponytails are 100% remy they can be styled with heat and braided making them perfect for your special occasion or upcoming event.